Mice in unit below mine - Should I not renew lease?

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Mice in unit below mine - Should I not renew lease?

Сообщение Williamhawk » 22/11/2017, 17:44

I just spoke to the person who lives below my unit. She said she found five mice in her unit yesterday. I like my place and was about to renew. I was going to stay here until I buy a place. Should I not renew my lease now? She said the neighboring unit has mice too. I could check with them to confirm. She said they got an exterminator to come here already. Just a little more info.: I was planning to also keep looking at houses to buy. (I'd be willing to pay the fine to break the lease if I found the right house.) So I could stay here and renew, stay here but put more urgency into my looking for a house to buy, or move to a new place to rent and then have to move again when I buy. I guess I could talk to more of my neighbors tomorrow and find out how widespread this is. Or should I just get out?
Please help.
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References: http://www.city-data.com/forum/renting/ ... uld-i.html
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