How utility submetering being done?

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How utility submetering being done?

Сообщение Williamhawk » 22/11/2017, 17:46

I live in Southern California. With City permit, I had the garage converted into accessory dwelling unit (ADU). I plan to live in this ADU and rent the main house.Please help me with these questions:
1) Is it doable to install submetering for Electric (SCE), Water (City) and Gas (So Cal Gas)? This is only for the ADU usages and those companies/city don't need to know.
2) Even with those submeters installed, I'm not sure the tenant (who pay the utility bills of the main house) would have time/willingness to go read the submeters every month. Would a lump sum be nogotiable in this case? In other words, would you recommend a lump sum to make it easy?
Please help.
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